L.A. Chris Signs and Crane Service

Survey and Permitting

We understand it can be difficult to navigate the individual requirements of the hundreds of municipalities in the United States. Each city has their own process for sign permitting. Some projects require Design Review Hearings, Planning Commission and City Council presentations, variance and sign exception filings, the creation of sign programs and amendments, etc., to get the project through the first phase of permitting and planning. The second phase requires skilled building and installation knowledge. Our permit staff has worked with almost every agency and is trained to mitigate this process, from the simplest form to moving the project expeditiously through formal permitting. We are often able to obtain over the counter approvals as we thoroughly prepare our submittal packages in a custom fashion to meet that city’s requirements. We perform pre-qualifications of designs and construction details well in advance of formal submittal. Additionally, as part of our service, we coordinate all special and final inspections noted for the project.